Court Services Program

Michael Williams, Program Director


PSA’s Court Services Program is comprised of the Diagnostic Unit, Release Services Unit, and Drug Testing and Compliance Unit; and serves both the D.C. Superior Court and the U.S. District Court. CSP gathers and presents vital information about defendants and available release options that assist judicial officers in decision-making.

The Diagnostic Unit staff interview defendants arrested on federal, D.C. felony, D.C. misdemeanor, and D.C. misdemeanor/traffic charges and formulate release recommendations. This pre-release process includes background investigations and defendant interviews to verify information collected from the defendant, research and updates prior and/or current criminal history, formulate a risk assessment, and prepare a written recommendation to the judicial officer. The Diagnostic Unit also conducts citation interviews and investigations, and schedules citation arraignment dates.

Staff in the Release Services Unit conduct post-release interviews with defendants, which include review of release conditions and advisement of the penalties that could result from non-compliance, failure to appear, and rearrest. This Unit also investigates outstanding bench warrants for the purpose of re-establishing contact with defendants who have failed to appear for court. In preparing the surrender of defendants to the Court, the Unit updates PSA’s existing records and conducts a new risk assessment to determine whether or not additional release conditions are warranted. The Unit also prevents the issuance of bench warrants by verifying a defendant’s inability to appear in court and notifying the Court.

PSA’s Drug Testing and Compliance Unit is responsible for the collection of urine samples for defendants under PSA’s supervision, offenders under CSOSA’s supervision , as well as respondents ordered into testing by the D.C. Superior Court Family Court.