Who We Are

Our Mission

The Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia's mission is to promote pretrial justice and enhance community safety.

Our Vision

PSA’s vision is to improve public safety and serve the community through data-driven decision making by a committed workforce that provides evidence-based pretrial supervision and support services.

Our Guiding Principles

The presumption of innocence of the pretrial defendant should lead to the least restrictive release consistent with community safety and return to court, and preventive detention only as a last resort, based on a judicial determination of the risk of non-appearance in court and/or danger to any person or to the community. Non-financial conditional release, based on the history, characteristics, and reliability of the defendant, is more effective than financial release conditions. Reliance on money bail discriminates against indigent defendants and cannot effectively address the need for release conditions that protect the public. Pro-social interventions that address substance disorders, employment, housing, medical, educational, and mental health issues afford defendants the opportunity for personal improvement and decrease the likelihood of criminal behavior. Innovation, effective use of technology and the development of human capital lead to organizational excellence, transparency, high professional and ethical standards, and accountability to the public.

PSA’s Core Values

Customer Service

  • Excellent service to internal and external customers
  • Effective communication at all levels


  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Proactive problem solving


  • Highest standards of conduct for employees of a law enforcement agency
  • Consistent demonstration of honesty and sincerity


  • Appreciation of cultural and individual differences
  • Consistent demonstration of courtesy and professionalism


  • Collegial collaboration and cooperation
  • Positive interaction with colleagues
  • Sincere recognition of contributions

Work Ethic

  • Reliability in performance of duties
  • Efficient use of time and resources

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity in hiring
  • Inclusive workplace engagement