Outcomes for Last Four Years


PSA measures achievement of its critical outcomes through four measures:

1. Concurrence Rate:  Rate at which PSA’s release recommendations at initial appearance are consistent with ordered release conditions.
2. Arrest-Free Rate:  Percentage of defendants who remain arrest-free during the pretrial release period.

  • Any arrest-includes felony, misdemeanor, and serious D.C. Traffic cases
  • Violent crimes-include crimes as defined in D.C. code 23.1331

3. Appearance Rate:  Percentage of defendants who make all scheduled court appearances during the pretrial period.
4. Continued Pretrial Release:  Percentage of defendants who remain on release at the conclusion of their pretrial period without a pending request for removal or revocation due to non- compliance.



Defendants released prior to trial fall into two categories:  those supervised by PSA and those released on personal recognizance (PR).  This graph displays the number of defendants that PSA supervises compared to those who are released on PR (not supervised by PSA).
As the sole pretrial services agency serving the D.C. Superior Court and U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, PSA supervises or monitors approximately 17,000 defendants each year. At any time, approximately 4,500 defendants are under pretrial supervision.


This graph shows the median times (in days) that defendants remain on pretrial supervision in both courts (DC Superior Court and US District Court for DC) across two case types (felony and misdemeanor).
The median time for defendants with cases pending in DC Superior Court to remain on pretrial supervision is 129 days for misdemeanors and 170 days for felonies.  Defendants with cases pending in U.S. District Court are under pretrial release approximately 367 days.  The vast majority of defendants supervised by PSA are awaiting trial in D.C. Superior Court, with a much smaller number awaiting trial in U.S. District Court.



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