Training and Development

Knowledge, skills and experience are keys to carrying out PSA’s mission. The Training and Career Development Center (TCDC) helps PSA employees maximize their development through a variety of training and professional development opportunities. TCDC offers employees on-the-job training, supervisory and management development training, online courses, new employee training and traditional classroom training.

Pretrial Services Officers are required to complete 40 hours of training annually. These hours may be earned in a variety of ways, including attending formal training and professional conferences, shadowing other officers to learn other Agency processes, on-the-job training, and/or short details to other Agency units. Supervisors are rated on how well they develop their employees. Employees are rated on how proactively they have pursued fulfilling their professional development requirement.

In addition to training sessions held throughout the year, PSA holds its Annual Training and Professional Development Conference, which offers two days of training to all agency staff through dozens of workshops in a wide range of topics for professional and personal development.

PSA also offers ongoing internal and external training and development programs listed below that promote the professional enhancement of staff at all levels of the Agency. Every full-time employee at the GS-5 level and above may apply for any of the programs offered for which they meet the eligibility requirements.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a proven organizational and career development tool that fosters employee retention and the spread of institutional knowledge. Managers, supervisors and subject matter experts (SMEs) are encouraged to volunteer as mentors. Their participation as mentors is a critical contribution to the Agency’s future. Employees interested in furthering their careers and/or deepening their subject matter expertise and understanding of the Agency are encouraged to volunteer as protégés. Participation in the Mentoring Program is entirely voluntary for all employees.

Substance Abuse Treatment Training Program

The Substance Abuse Treatment Training Program (SATTP) provides education and training for interested employees who meet program criteria and wish to enhance their substance abuse treatment knowledge. The education and training provided under the program auspices meet the educational requirements to become a Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Specialist (CCJAS). The program is entirely voluntary, and is organized to develop expertise in the area of basic substance abuse counseling.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

PSA offers tuition reimbursement to support qualified employees’ desire to enhance job-related knowledge and skills. The tuition reimbursement program provides financial support for approved educational courses on a reimbursement basis to facilitate the continuing education of employees. The Agency understands the benefits of an educated and skilled workforce. Continued education promotes better service to stakeholders and helps to ensure the accomplishment of the Agency’s mission.

Leadership Development Programs

PSA sponsors employee participation in three of the leadership development programs offered by Graduate School USA.

Resource Library

PSA’s Training and Career Development Center (TCDC) has a Resource Library designed to enhance employee accessibility to various professional development materials, including books and videos. The TCDC Library is located at 1025 F Street, NW.

  • Employees are welcome on a walk-in basis during regular work hours
  • Employees may reserve materials through e-mail request
  • Training Center staff assistance is available to locate resources and/or borrow selected materials
  • Resource materials are managed with electronic tracking and logging
  • Employees may borrow available resources for up to 2 weeks from the original checkout date

PSA Training Locations and Room Reservations

The PSA Training and Career Development Center provides a wide range of services for PSA employees including space for training, meetings and other events.  Space is available in multiple locations.  Each room is equipped with a projector, screen, computer and flip charts. 

We have space available at the following locations:

  • 601 Indiana Avenue, NW, 8th Floor
  • 1025 F Street, NW, 7th Floor
Table —Room Details
Location Room Max Capacity Computer Desks
601 Room A 40 14
1025 Room A 67 0
1025 Room B 34 0
1025 Room A/B combined 115 0
1025 Computer Room 16 12