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This Reading Room contains documents specifically identified for inclusion by the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-231, as well as many other documents of general interest.

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2016-09 Adult and Juvenile Drug Test Stats*
2016-10 Adult and Juvenile Drug Test Stats*
2016-11 Adult and Juvenile Drug Test Stats*
2016-12 Adult and Juvenile Drug Test Stats*
A Leader In the Pretrial Field

Brochure gives an overview of PSA's milestones and contributions over the past 50 years to the field of pretrial justice.

Acceptance of Gifts and Donations-JPS1002
Adult Drug Test Stats, October -2011*
Agency Credentials with Badges or Medallions-PS 4110
Agency Financial Reports

Agency Financial Reports include information for CSOSA and PSA and describe to the President, Congress, and the public the programs in the performance plan and financial performance over the course of a fiscal year; and progress in addressing management issues; satisfies a number of legislative reporting requirements, including those of the Government Performance and Results Act, Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act, and Inspector General Act Amendments of 1988.

Agency Performance Budgets

PSA's Congressional Budget Justification is published annually and describes PSA’s programs in the performance plan, the budget estimates for these program activities, and the distribution of the budget by major program. PSA sends its budget request with CSOSA’s to the President who submits it to Congress for authorization.

Agency Strategic Plan 2012-2016

PSA’s fourth Strategic Plan continues the goal outlined in the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan of transforming PSA into “a performance-based, results-oriented organization that directly can link costs and outcomes” and adds targeted identification and supervision of defendants with higher risk and needs, innovative supervision strategies to reduce future criminality, integration of technology into supervision and treatment, and smarter use of community resources and partnerships as strategic goals f

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program-JPS 1005
Annual Report FY 2008

This report highlights the PSA’s operational, executive and administrative accomplishments for FY 2008.

Anti-Harassment-PS 1005
Appendix B Researcher Submission Guidelines
Assessment of the DC Pretrial Services Agency's In-House Treatment and Substance Abuse Program (PSA, 2010)
Automated Agency Email Archiving Policy-JPS 2053
Award for Foreign Language Capabilities
Awards and Recognitition Program-PS 4030.1
Bayesian Meta-Analytic Engine to Predict Costs and Benefits to the District of Columbia (Urban Institute, 2011)